Camp Management

In November 2008 Nordic-Calista Services started a Camp Services / Catering division that supplies mobile modular camps, food service, housekeeping, and personnel support services. Whether full service camp management or just a cook and a camp attendant are needed, we can provide the highest quality personnel and services.

Along with the Camp Service / Catering Division start up, Nordic-Calista completed the installation of Camp #2, a 35-man camp along with a 20-man sleeper unit to support the winter exploration for a major oil company on the North Slope.

In January 2012 Nordic Calista completed the installation of Camp #6, a 34-bed camp to also support operator exploration and construction seasons.

The camps rooms contain two beds, each with a shared shower and bathroom facility on each floor.  There is a modern dining room, offices and recreation lounge.  The camps come with satellite TV, phone and internet hook ups.  The camps are supplied with power generation and are also capable of hooking up to high-line power. The camps include potable water and grey/black water storage tanks.

Current Operation

We also operate mobile modular camps housing to support our three drilling rigs under contract to operating companies on the North Slope.

Nordic-Calista Services’ in-house Catering Division provides the Nordic-Calista Services camp facilities with all of their staffing and catering needs. Fresh food and supplies are delivered on a weekly basis, ensuring the quality and freshness expected by our customers. In addition to supplying our own camps, Nordic-Calista Services’ catering division offers a separate service to customers looking to supply their own remote facilities.

For more information regarding our existing remote camps, new-build camps or catering services, please call (907) 561-7458 or email: