Caribou cross the snow with a rig in the background.


Our people make our company.

At Nordic-Calista, our people make our company. We value our employees and make every attempt to recognize them for a job well done, whether it’s a camp attendant in one of our camps going out of his/her way to make our guests feel at home, a motorman preventing a possible spill on the rig, or a driller devising an innovative way to identify and communicate hazards among his/her crew.

We use a variety of methods to raise awareness for above-and-beyond performers:

  • Recognition for outstanding performance at meetings on the rigs and camps
  • Opportunities to win peer awards, including safety behavior of the month
  • Safety awards program to earn awards for hours worked without an incident, both at an individual and team-based level
  • Safety award dinners at the rigsite recognizing team safety efforts

Nordic-Calista realizes a pat on the back, a sincere thanks from the company and worker peers goes a long way in maintaining healthy, open-door communications with employees and third-party vendors, and fosters long-term relationships and a stable, productive workforce.