Drilling WorkoverNordic-Calista Services has been providing workover, completion and drilling services to the oil and gas industry since 1983. With our fleet of rigs and dedicated personnel, we have participated in projects across the North Slope of Alaska, on both sides of the field. Our experience and in-depth understanding of doing business in cooperation with the rigorous demands of the industry allows us to succeed in any environment.


All our equipment is custom designed and built. Early in the history of the company, it was recognized that a rig for arctic operations is not a off-the-shelf item. Being able to manage the design and construction ourselves allows us to integrate best practices from past experience and therefore ensure that the end product is safe, efficient and cost effective. It also helps us to manage quality control and meet dead lines. While in operation, we continue to improve our rigs with greater efficiencies.

Rig #1 and Rig #2 are operated as a platform for coiled tubing drilling. More than 400 sidetracks have been drilled with these units. Rig #1 has been operating in this configuration since 1996, Rig #2 started in 2002. Rig #2 is used in a hybrid mode where we conduct both jointed pipe and coiled tubing operation. Right now the jointed pipe mode is only used for work over applications but our vision is to utilize jointed pipe to drill surface hole, and coiled tubing to drill the reservoir.

Rig #3 is a drilling & work over rig. In the last couple of years it has been “the rig of choice” by several majors and independents for drilling exploration wells. It is a single modular package like Rig#1 and Rig#2. This concept allows for short rig up times, low exposure to weather, low risk for spills caused by connections between modules and a small overall footprint.

For more information on our existing rigs and new-build concepts, please call us at (907) 561-7458 or email: info@nordic-calista.com.