Worker checks a gauge while adjusting a lever.

Preventative Maintenance

Safety is our Highest Priority

Performance Tracking & Preventative Maintenance

The foundation of Nordic-Calista’s performance tracking and continuous improvement program is based on:

  1. Our plan, do, after-action review process (check), and periodic strategic review (act)
  2. Data analytics, in real-time

Our Plan, Do, Check, and Act process is key to the involvement of the crew to foster a learning organization. The basic building blocks of the program are:

  • Plan the work
    • Procedures
    • Pre-Job Safety Meetings
    • Project Planning
  • Do, or Executing the work
    • Daily Operations Meetings
    • Rig Visits
    • Monthly Scorecard with KPI’s
  • Check the work with After Action Reviews
    • Capture lessons learned
    • Improvement plans
  • Take Corrective Action via a periodic strategic review

Our data acquisition system monitors, analyzes, and continuously improves the overall drilling and rig equipment process.

For example, tripping performance is monitored in real-time, showing connection times for drilling and tripping operations.

KPI Connection Summary screen

To enhance Nordic-Calista’s preventative maintenance process, we incorporate real time data of the rig equipment. Monitoring and trending critical parameters aid in developing a predictive maintenance model.

All information is available at the Real Time Operating Center (RTOC) where Nordic-Calista is an active member to oversee the rig operations and drive overall well performance. Extending beyond the RTOC and information directly fed from the rig, there are direct communications with key technology providers of critical equipment. These providers have remote access to assist in monitoring, diagnostics, and problem resolution, without the need for a service technician to be physically present on location. Office-based engineers and geologists can monitor rig operations in real time using desktop computers or mobile devices. The system generates daily KPI reports, offset wells overlays or data download for more in-depth analysis.

Periodic & Preventative Maintenance

Nordic-Calista has a well-established preventative maintenance system in place, based on industry standards and over thirty-five years of experience operating in the arctic. The maintenance policy, which is the foundation of the process, is frequently updated to reflect changes in the industry, equipment manufacturer bulletins, lessons learned in the field, etc. Maintenance is tracked in AssetIntel, a cloud-based system accessible by the rig team, alerting when periodic maintenance is due, recording maintenance requirements are completed, and providing a document repository for certification, inspection report, and other relevant maintenance records.

By integrating equipment operating parameters data acquisition and critical spare parts tracking, condition-based maintenance supplements, or in some cases, replaces, the preventative maintenance processes. The conditional-based maintenance system will, with data collection and analytics, be further developed into a predictive maintenance system.