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Quality Management (QMS)

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Quality Management Principles

Nordic-Calista’s purpose is to help our customers meet challenges in arctic drilling. Our Quality Management System (QMS) helps us achieve this by focusing on meeting or exceeding customer requirements and expectations. While our first priority is to maintain safety and environmental compliance, everything we do is guided by these 7 principles of quality management to our customer:

  1. Customer Focus: to meet customer requirements and to strive to exceed customer expectations.
  2. Leadership: to empower leaders at all levels with unity of purpose and direction to foster a work culture for quality-focused deliverables.
  3. Engagement: to attract and retain competent and engaged people throughout the company enhance its capability to create value.
  4. Process Approach: to use interrelated processes to achieve customer satisfaction.
  5. Improvement: to use our Continuous Improvement program of Planning, Doing, Checking, and Taking Corrective Action to improve rig performance.
  6. Evidence-Based Decision Making: to make decisions based on analysis and evaluation of data and information.
  7. Relationship Management: to manage our relationships with customers, suppliers, vendors, employees, and the public to enhance quality-focused deliverables.

QMS Tools

Nordic-Calista’s QMS relies on three key categories of tools to implement the program:

  • QMS Policy and Manual to PLAN and communicate company expectations and their measures.
  • QMS Processes and Procedures to provide instruction on how to DO the work.
  • QMS Audits, Forms, and Records to CHECK performance against expectations so management can ACT to make corrective measures to further improve performance.