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Safety & Training

Nordic-Calista’s position on occupational health and safety, protection of the environment and furthering the education of our employees is unequivocal!

Operations that cannot be conducted safely with loss control measures, either with respect to disability or to long term health and environmental damage, will not be tolerated. Nordic-Calista personnel are committed to this fundamental policy and recognize the responsibility to operate within the following objectives and commitments:

  •  To provide our employees with work policies, procedures and an environment whereby risks of injury, accidents or property damage are proactively prevented by eliminating at-risk behaviors.
  •  To safeguard our employees, subcontractors and the public from identifiable hazards to health or safety in existing process systems and in the introduction of new substances, equipment, machinery, or property.
  •  To protect property from damage and to provide for the protection of the environment from damage in connection with operations and when using facilities.
  •  To use state-of-the-art knowledge in our industry to orient, train and certify all employees to be knowledgeable of their responsibilities with respect to occupational health, safety, environmental, and industrial matters.
  •  To ensure that all HSE procedures are followed.
  •  To maintain proper measures for emergency hazard recognition, reporting, response, protection, and systems of evacuation when necessary in the event of an emergency.
  •  To ensure that appropriate medical and first aid facilities are available to safeguard the health and welfare of all employees and others that may be at risk.
  •  To maintain analytical and statistical services and data to monitor health and safety performance.
  •  To fully comply with all government and client rules and regulations regarding occupational health, safety and environmental management and to expect all personnel to be responsible and comply with all policies and procedures in effect at all job sites.