Nordic Calista Rig

Our Rigs

Providing workover, completion and drilling services to the oil and gas industry since 1983.

Nordic-Calista builds innovative rigs for harsh Arctic drilling conditions.

We strive for time-efficient, effective collaboration with our customers and employees and weave it into our daily work environment with frequent communications between the right people regarding things that matter. The result is a tough rig which performs well in extreme weather conditions.

Nordic-Calista has designed and built four Arctic single-module, self-propelled rigs, designed primarily for workovers, but with diverse features to meet drilling challenges head on.

Both Rigs 1 and 2, jointed pipe workover rigs, are designed to integrate a coiled tubing (drilling) package. As such, these rigs have become instrumental in the development of coiled tubing drilling technology. With Rig 3, we increased the pumping and jointed pipe capabilities and added a rotary top drive for drilling grassroots wells and sidetracks. The rig has been successfully used for exploration at remote sites. Rig 4 was built to meet a specific client requirement to dismantle the single module rig into 200,000 lb. loads to transport via ice road or small barge in between locations. This rig was our first AC powered rig with a central driller’s control station, Human Machine Interface (HMI), zone management (anti-collision system), and robotics.

Protection of the environment is integrated into the design of the four rigs. Equipment has secondary containment to contain leaks and spills. In addition, the rig structure itself functions as secondary containment, preventing a release to the pad. Both Rigs 3 and 4 are equipped to operate on highline power, reducing fuel consumption and carbon footprint. The rig designs minimize the need for auxiliary equipment like mobile cranes, external heaters, etc.