Welcome to Nordic-Calista Services!

Nordic-Calista Services is a drilling and work over company operating primarily on the North Slope of Alaska. In addition, we provide camp and catering services with our drilling rigs or as standalone operations.

All of our equipment is custom-designed and built. Early in the history of the company, it was recognized that a rig for arctic operations is not an off-the-shelf item. Managing the design and construction ourselves allows us to integrate best practices from years of experience and ensure that the end product is safe, efficient and cost effective.

Rig #1 and Rig #2 are operated as a platform for coiled tubing drilling. More than 400 sidetracks have been drilled with these units. Rig #1 has been operating in this configuration from 1996 until 2016. Although it still retains the coiled tubing drilling capability, it was adapted back to be utilized for joined pipe workovers in 2019.

Rig #3 is a drilling and work over rig. In the last couple of years it has been “the rig of choice” by several majors and independents for drilling exploration wells. It is a single modular package like Rig #1 and Rig #2. This allows for short rig up times, low exposure to weather, low risk for spills caused by connections between modules and a small overall footprint.

Rig #4 is a single module, self-propelled rig with a walker system for well-to-well moves on the same pad. The rig is designed to break down for transport from pad-to-pad moves and for remote location access. Cantilevered work over / drilling rig, capable for rigging up on 8 ft well spacing.

We are leaders in innovative new rig concepts and we are constantly improving existing equipment. Nordic-Calista Services is here for the future and draws upon the knowledge, enthusiasm and experience from its employees to meet any challenges along the way.


Our Mission Statement

 “To be recognized as a Leader as an oilfield service provider by our Client and the Industry by managing our business effectively, by supplying a value-added service and by providing satisfying work for our employees.

We will operate in a profitable, safe, environmentally-conscientious, efficient, competitive, and ethical manner to create wealth, recognizing the rights and values of all Stakeholders – our Client, our Employees, the Shareholders, and the Public.”