Rig Crew in front of Rig 3


Field positions require verifiable experience on oil or gas drill rigs with the exception of certain craft and specialty positions and paint crew / roustabout entry-level positions.

Anchorage, Alaska is the point of hire for Nordic Calista Services. Employees are required to arrange and fund their own travel, room and board to and from Anchorage. All work is in Alaska. Employees are required to possess appropriate arctic clothing and protective equipment for extreme cold temperatures.

The normal work rotation for field and catering staff is 14/14, or two weeks on / two weeks off. The normal work hours are 12 hours per day. Overtime, in accordance with Alaska state wage and hour laws, is applied.

All applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age, eligible to work within the United States, and in possession of a valid driver’s license.