Rigs 2 and 3

Rig 2

Nordic Calista Services Inventory

General Description

Single module, self-propelled, cantilevered workover / light drilling rig, capable of rigging up on 10 ft well spacing. The rig structure is fully winterized for arctic operations.

Years in Service

The rig was started up in 1996. The rig was converted to a CTD hybrid rig in summer of 2002. It was converted back for workover/drilling in 2020. Rig 2 maintains the capability to re-install its CTD equipment.

Subbase Complex

Mast: Manufacturer: Dreco, Model: Jack knife 142′ Triple, 464,000 lbs. with 10-line string up, 433,000 lbs. with an 8-line string up; racking capacity: 16,000 ft. of 4” drill pipe

Drawworks: SUPERIOR, Model 700 UE, 700 hp rating, powered by GE 752 Electric Motor coupled to Superior 3 speed transmission C/W makeup and two Make / Breakout quick torque cylinders and V-80 PARMACK Hydromatic brake

Top Drive: TESCO, Model 350-EXI-600, 600 hp, Max. Continuous Drill Torque 30,000 ft-lb., Make-up / Breakout Torque 45,000 ft-lb, Max Speed 220RPM

Rotary Table: EMSCO, Model 27.5”, rotary table w/ 17.5” Table Bushing

Prime Movers: 2 ea. Caterpillar 3412 DISTA 725 kw, with Kato generator 600V, 1 ea. Caterpillar C-18 500 kw, with Kato generator 600V

IPS SCR System, 1000 amp, 600 vac, 3 Bay, Switch gear control system, Transformers 575 volt., 120 / 208 volt

Substructure: Hydraulic Pipe Elevators for loading and off loading Pipe, Hydraulic Catwalk / Pipe Skate, CTD Reel House complete with 120,000 lb rated bridge crane.

Mud System

Mud Pumps: 2 ea. EMSCO, F-800 800HP, w/ 5,000 psi working pressure rating with 4” – 5-1/2” liners powered by GE Model 752 DC motor

Mud Pits: 670 bbl total pit volume, 2 ea. 100 bbl working pits with agitators, 70 bbl pill pit, 15 bbl trip tank

Shakers: 1 ea. SWACO Mongoose shale shaker

Centrifuges: 2 ea. Alfa Laval 418 high speed centrifuge

Degasser: TRIFLOW compact 600 vacuum degasser

Mud-Gas Separator: TMF 36” x180” Mud gas Separator, 6” Inlet with 8” U-Tube

Blow Out Prevention Equipment

1 ea. Blowout preventer, 7-1/16” stack – 2 double gate rams, 1 – annular, 1 – Mud Cross, stack rated – 5,000 psi working pressure

1 ea. Blowout preventer, 13 5/8” stack – 2 Single gate BOP rams, 1 – annular, 1 – Mud Cross, 5,000 psi working pressure

BOP Closing Unit: 1 each HYDRIL, 160 gal, 8-station Accumulator w/ dual electric and air pumps, w/ electric over hydraulic remote unit.

BOP Test Pump: 1 each CAT Model 3507 9 gpm @ 5000 psi BOP Test Pump