Rig 3 on location

Rig 3

Nordic Calista Inventory

General Description

Single module, self-propelled, cantilevered work over / drilling rig, capable of rigging up on 10 ft well spacing. The rig structure is fully winterized for arctic operations.

Last Major Upgrade

Rig 3 was updated in 2021 with upgraded piping in anticipation of a new mud cooling system and the rig now has the ability to rack 6-5/8″ drill pipe.

Subbase Complex

Mast: DRECO Jack knife, 142′, 464,000 lbs w/ 10-line string up, 433,000 lbs w/ 8-line string up, racking capacity: 16,000’ x 4 ” drill pipe

Block: 1 SKYTOP BREWSTER 250 ton, 5 X 36” sheaves grooved 1/8” line

Drawworks: IDECO, Model 900 E, 900 hp rating, powered by GE 752 electric motor coupled to IDECO 3-speed transmission c/w makeup and breakout quick torque cylinders, Baylor brake

Drill Line: 1-1/8″

Top Drive: TESCO 1,000 HCI Hydraulic over electric, 500 ton rated.

Rotary Table: 27.5″

Prime Movers: 3 each Caterpillar 3512, DITA, 1102 kw each, coupled to Caterpillar SR4 generator, 600 vac, 1750 kva each, IPS Model 1500, SCR and generator drilling system

Highline Power: 13,800 volt to 600 volt highline power transformer; power factor corrected to 98%

Mud System

Mud Pumps : 2 each EMSCO, F-1000 hp, w/ 5,000 psi pressure rating

Mud Pits: 4 each 150 bbl working pits, 40 bbl pill pit, 50 bbl trip tank

Shakers:2 each Mongoose Pro shakers

Degasser: 1 each SWACO compact 900 GPM vacuum degasser, 1 each POOR BOY degasser

Mix Hopper: 1 each Lobestar Mix Hopper

BOP & Spools

1 ea. Blowout preventer, 11”, 5000 psi Hydril type GK annular

1 ea Blowout preventer, 11”, 5000 psi Double Hydril

1 ea Drilling Spool, 11”, 5000 psi flange x flange w/ 2 ea 3” – 5000 psi flanged side outlets

1 ea Blowout preventer, 11”, 5000 psi Single Hydril

1 ea Choke and Kill Line

BOP Closing Unit: 1 each HYDRIL, 160-gallon, 6-station Accumulator w/ dual electric and air pumps with electric over hydraulic remote unit at driller station

BOP Test Pump: 1 each Caterpillar Model 3507, 9 gpm @ 5,000 psi

Auxiliary Equipment

Air Units: 2 each 30 HP air compressors

Heating Units

2 each 80HP boilers

1 each 4.2M BTU Air Heater

10 each heat exchangers

1 each Glycol heat recovery system

Completely winterized for arctic operations

Water Tanks: 200 barrel water capacity

Fuel Tanks: 9,800 gallon fuel capacity – double-walled tank, 1 each 5,000 gallon auxiliary fuel tank

Optional Equipment Available

13-5/8” BOP

7-1/16” BOP