Rig 3 on location

Rig 3

Nordic Calista Inventory

General Description

Single module, self-propelled, cantilevered work over / drilling rig, capable of rigging up on 10 ft well spacing. The rig structure is fully winterized for arctic operations and can be moved at all times of the year. It’s also capable of operating on highline power.

Last Major Upgrade

Rig 3 was updated in 2021 with upgraded piping in anticipation of a new mud cooling system and the rig now has the ability to rack 6-5/8″ drill pipe.

Subbase Complex

Mast: DRECO Jack knife, 142′, 464,000 lbs w/ 10-line string up, 433,000 lbs w/ 8-line string up, racking capacity: 16,000’ x 4 ” drill pipe

Block: 1 SKYTOP BREWSTER 250 ton, 5 X 36” sheaves grooved 1/8” line

Drawworks: IDECO, Model 900 E, 900 hp rating, powered by GE 752 electric motor coupled to IDECO 3-speed transmission c/w makeup and breakout quick torque cylinders, Baylor brake

Drill Line: 1-1/8″

Top Drive: TESCO 1,000 HCI Hydraulic over electric, 500 ton rated.

Rotary Table: 27.5″

Prime Movers: 3 each Caterpillar 3512, DITA, 1102 kw each, coupled to Caterpillar SR4 generator, 600 vac, 1750 kva each, IPS Model 1500, SCR and generator drilling system

Highline Power: 13,800 volt to 600 volt highline power transformer; power factor corrected to 98%

Mud System

Mud Pumps : 2 each EMSCO, F-1000 hp, w/ 5,000 psi pressure rating

Mud Pits: 4 each 150 bbl working pits, 40 bbl pill pit, 50 bbl trip tank

Shakers:2 each Mongoose Pro shakers

Degasser: 1 each SWACO compact 900 GPM vacuum degasser, 1 each POOR BOY degasser

Mix Hopper: 1 each Lobestar Mix Hopper

BOP & Spools

1 ea. Blowout preventer, 11”, 5000 psi Hydril type GK annular

1 ea Blowout preventer, 11”, 5000 psi Double Hydril

1 ea Drilling Spool, 11”, 5000 psi flange x flange w/ 2 ea 3” – 5000 psi flanged side outlets

1 ea Blowout preventer, 11”, 5000 psi Single Hydril

1 ea Choke and Kill Line

BOP Closing Unit: 1 each HYDRIL, 160-gallon, 6-station Accumulator w/ dual electric and air pumps with electric over hydraulic remote unit at driller station

BOP Test Pump: 1 each Caterpillar Model 3507, 9 gpm @ 5,000 psi

Auxiliary Equipment

Air Units: 2 each 30 HP air compressors

Heating Units

2 each 80HP boilers

1 each 4.2M BTU Air Heater

10 each heat exchangers

1 each Glycol heat recovery system

Completely winterized for arctic operations

Water Tanks: 200 barrel water capacity

Fuel Tanks: 9,800 gallon fuel capacity – double-walled tank, 1 each 5,000 gallon auxiliary fuel tank

Optional Equipment Available

13-5/8” BOP

7-1/16” BOP